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The European launch of the Master System occurred in 1987 by Mastertronic in the United Kingdom. Mastertronic advertised the Master System as "an arcade in the home" and launched the system at GB£99. The Master System held a significant part of the video game console market in Europe through the release of Sega's succeeding console, the Sega Genesis (known as Mega Drive in territories outside of North America). Brazil was also a successful market for the Master System, where the console was released in 1989. Sales of the Master System are estimated between 10 million and 13 million units worldwide during its lifetime, in contrast to the 62 million units sold by its chief competitor, the Nintendo NES. (13–14.8 million sold).

Technical especifications:

-CPU: Zilog Z80A 8-bit running at 3.5 MHz

-Memory: RAM: 8 Kilobytes

                VRAM 16 Kilobytes (Video Random Access Memory)

                ROM: de 8 a 256 Kilobytes (dependiendo del juego en memoria)

Available games:

Alex Kidd Miracle   Alex Kid Master System

Sonic2 Master    Sonic

Lemmings Master    Lemmings2 Master

Prince Master    Prince2 Master


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